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Blayney Ranch is a 160 acre parcel of unspoiled, natural desert located on the eastern slopes of the rocky "Lovejoy Buttes" in the Antelope Valley about 15 miles east of Palmdale. Blayney Ranch has rocky peaks, winding dirt roads, canyons, gently sloping flat lands and Joshua trees.

  Since the 1950's the area now known as the Blayney Ranch has been the location for countless movies, commercials, videos and print ads. No other location in the Antelope Valley can offer such unique rock formations, vegetation and stunning backdrops. Film makers have traveled from as far away as Japan and South America to capture our magnificent vistas.

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Improvements Underway!

Blayney Ranch is undergoing several improvements and will be adding additional services in the future.

Our first project is road improvements. Widening of some of our primary access roads as well as the addition of new roads allowing access to parts of the ranch not previously accessible to non-four wheel drive vehicles. We have widened the entrance at our "Movie Gate" so motorhomes and larger vehicles can enter with ease. We have added parking areas at various points along the roads to enable motorhomes, grip trucks and other large-sized vehicles to get much closer to the production sites. Click here to see photos of the road work completed so far.

Our second project is the on-site rental of certain equipment. A water trailer and pop-ups are currently available and we hope to offer additional items like tables, chairs, lighting, generators and portable restrooms in the future.

Check our website for updates on the status of these new features.